What Maryland has to Offer: Blog #8

The University of Maryland is a school that many of you may have the chance to attend. One unique aspect about the University of Maryland is that it doesn’t have a specific sports management major. You may be wondering how you will pursue a career in sports at a school with no major. Continue reading “What Maryland has to Offer: Blog #8”


Women in the Sports World: Blog #7

This next blog post will focus on girls and how they can be represented in the sports industry. In the past, the sports industry was a very male centered world. Most of the employees are male and it is uncommon to see a women hold a position of power. Of the four major sports industries, the MLB, NHL, NFL, and NBA, there has never been a female general manager. Continue reading “Women in the Sports World: Blog #7”

Million Dollar Question: Blog #6

The first thing many high school students are worried about when picking a college major is “How much money will I make?” This is a very important question as you need money in order to survive. I am here to tell you that taking a job in the sports industry does have a large pay off. Now if you are like me and are aiming high in your sports career you would want to know what a general manager makes. Continue reading “Million Dollar Question: Blog #6”

Exciting Atmosphere: Blog #5

The sports industry has many unique features. One of these features is the atypical work structure. Many careers are centered around waking up and getting to work at 9am then leaving at 5pm to head home. All of your work left behind until the next morning. A typical work week is also Monday through Friday. The sports industry disrupts this “normal” way of life. Continue reading “Exciting Atmosphere: Blog #5”

Travel the World: Blog #4

Working in the sports industry is a very unique experience. Working in the sports industry  does not consist of a typical 9-5 work day. One of these unique aspects of the job is the ability to travel. No matter what sport you work in there are teams located all over the country. This means that you could have the opportunity to travel often. Not only within the United States but often times all over the world. Typical careers may have you travel once or twice a year but in the industry of sports travel is expected often. Continue reading “Travel the World: Blog #4”

Utilize Your Skills: Blog #3

There are many advantages to working in the sports industry. One of these advantages is the wide range of careers within the sports industry. Working in the world of sports is not a cookie cutter career. There is a multitude of jobs that you can hold while still surrounded by your favorite sport. There is not one specific path that is taken when getting a career in the sports world. Continue reading “Utilize Your Skills: Blog #3”